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Worm Farm Barrel

In-ground compost bin, aka worm home

The Worm Farm Barrel is a dinky composting system designed to be embedded in a Wombat or Bilby Garden. Made from an up-cycled food grade bucket, the barrel is a depot for most kitchen food scraps and other organic domestic waste products. The resident worms are able to come and go as they please, aerating the soil and multiplying the microflora of the garden. The provided worm blanket and surrounding soil act as insulation, and help to prevent the worms from drying out.

The worms require care and respect, with attention to regular feeding, adequate moisture, and food aversions. The worms eat the broken-down food and tunnel through the soil, shedding what is referred to as a “worm cast”. The nutrient-dense worm castings are teeming with microbes that are vital for soil fertility and healthy plants. In 4 to 6 months of composting, the Worm Farm Barrel full of worm castings can be harvested and reused in the soil. 

Green Man Garden Project would like to thank Andrew Hayim De Vries for his invaluable guidance on composting.


  • 20L Worm Farm Barrel
  • Coir Peat (Coconut Husk)
  • Worms
  • Worm Blanket


$60 each


Aerator Tool

Spiral tool for mixing and aerating compost

The Aerator Tool is designed to make light work of mixing through compostable waste in the worm farm barrel or compost heap.

Regular use of the aerator turns over the compost, and speeds up the composting process. A nifty tool to accompany the Worm Farm Barrel.


$40 each