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Solar Automatic Irrigation

Automated watering system, powered by the sun

The Solar Automatic Irrigation is designed to fit the Wombat or Bilby Garden Beds. The attractive overhead framework is made from up-cycled hardwood, sits approximately 60cm from the soil surface, and provides the structure for the piping and sprinkler network. A combination of micro-jet sprinklers are oriented to provide complete water coverage and mimic natural rainfall. 

The Solar Powered Tap Timer runs on the energy of ambient light, and requires no batteries. Watering times are digitally programmable for each day of the week, and can be automatically delayed with the occurrence of rainfall if linked with a soil moisture sensor or rainfall sensor. An automated irrigation setup helps to ensure the plants receive the hydration they need to thrive, and can be exceedingly useful for those with busy lives or in times of absence.  

Note: A single Solar Powered Automatic Tap Timer can service 4 to 6 gardens. For irrigating multiple gardens please consult Green Man Garden Project. 


  • Solar Powered Automatic Tap Timer
  • Hardwood Framework
  • 13mm Piping + Fittings
  • Micro-jet Sprinklers
  • Installation and Labour
  • Soil Moisture Sensor or Rainfall Sensor (optional)


  • Solar Digital Tap Timer – Holman EVO1001
  • Micro-jet Sprinklers – full circle, misters and half circle
  • Pipe Size – 13mm
  • Framework Height – 60cm from the ground surface


Starting at $385